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10 Tips On How To Smoke A Joint Properly Alone Or With Friends

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How To Smoke A Joint Like A Pro

The best weed experiences involve sharing and smoking a joint with friends. It is where most potheads are at their happiest. 

But as simple as it may seem, there are rules on how to smoke a joint that must be respected, unless you don’t want to be invited to the next session.

Marijuana is legal for recreational use in Canada, which means more people are now learning how to smoke a joint, and some who stopped using weed are now coming back because of its much-touted health and wellness benefits.

If this is your first time smoking a joint, or the last time didn’t go so well, pay attention. 

This guide will have you smoking like a pro in no time.

Relaxed woman smoking a joint outside a cafe in Canada. How To Smoke A Joint. Can you smoke half a joint and save the rest? How long does it take to smoke a joint?

Smoking A joint

There are a lot of ways to enjoy weed, but joints still reign supreme.

It is the universally loved method, and it is a rite of passage. It is easy and flexible in that you can add your twist to it. Smokers even take pride in their joint-rolling skills.

Nobody was taught how to breathe, so it may seem crazy contemplating how to inhale, but don’t worry, even the pro tokers were once novices. 

Here are our tips on how to smoke a joint:

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Tips On How To Smoke A Joint Alone

The chances are that you have just learned how to roll a joint or opted for a pre-rolled one, and now you are ready to take a test ride. 

Here are some of the things you need to know:

1. Consider adding a filter tip – Also called a “crutch,” it is what keeps the plant matter you are about to smoke from getting into your mouth. 

It also protects your lips and fingers from getting burnt as you work down the joint. Getting burned by a roach isn’t something you want on your first attempt.

A crutch is easy to make out of thick paper or thin cardboard. 

rolling a joint. How To Smoke A Joint. Can you smoke half a joint and save the rest? How long does it take to smoke a joint?

2. Know which end to light – It may seem like a straightforward thing, but it is one of many questions asked by beginners. 

If the joint is rolled like a cigarette and has no filter on one side, it is okay to light either side. If the joint is cone-shaped, always light the side with a bigger diameter. 

If it has a filter, light the opposite side. 

The best-rolled side should always be the mouthpiece to avoid the joint breaking down in your mouth.

person holding and smoking a blunt in canada. how to smoke a joint alone.

3. How to light a joint – A joint is not a cigarette or pipe where you inhale as you light. 

Joints should be roasted at the end of the joint to ensure it lights up evenly. Even the best-rolled joint can be ruined by hasty lighting.

Hold the joint with one hand and apply a flame on the tip. 

Most joints will have extra paper at the end so let it burn while slowly rotating the joint in your finger to ensure it burns evenly around the perimeter.

Do not inhale as you light, although it seems natural to do so. Inhaling during ignition may create an uneven cherry, also known as canoeing. 

Once the joint is off to an even start, you can alternate between inhaling and holding the flame at the end until it evens out and burns continuously. 

You can now enjoy your weed.

modern couple enjoying cannabis joint.

4. Don’t forget to inhale – For weed to get you high, the smoke must reach your lungs. 

So take a draw and once the smoke is in your mouth, add a gulp of air to push it down to your lungs where it can be absorbed into your bloodstream.

Some smokers prefer inhaling in the air at the same time as they take a draw. Whichever technique you choose, the objective is to get the cannabinoids into your lungs.

Do not hold the smoke, exhale. Remember, you also need oxygen; holding the smoke for long doesn’t always translate into more intense highs. It will just get you coughing. 

Speaking of which, the remedy to smoking a joint without coughing is taking smaller draws.

Remember to pay attention to how you are feeling. 

You don’t have to finish the joint in one session. If you are already feeling the effects, take a break. You can always light the blunt again.

woman with hoodie, cap, jeans smoking a joint outside in Canada.

How To Smoke A Joint With Friends

There are no rules for smoking a joint when alone. But learning how to smoke a joint with friends is where the rules of joint etiquette apply. 

There are different forms of joint smoking rules around the world. If you break them, you might not be invited to another smoke session.

Here are the general rules of smoking in a group:

5. Respect others – A loosely codified standards of behavior binds cannabis culture. You have to respect other members, for example, if you are sick  with a cold or something that can be passed on, ensure you inform them beforehand and preferably bring your own joint.

Also, if a member doesn’t want to smoke, respect their decision, don’t pressure them.

Sick Asian Couple Sneezing In Napkin Having Flu At Home

6. Respect the roller’s rights – Whoever rolls it sparks it. Of course, the roller has the right to pass the privilege to another person, but they should control the ignition process unless that happens.

7. Keep the original rotation – Nothing bums out smokers more than being skipped on the joint. Do not be the one who messes up the course. Some people may insist that you pass the joint to the left. A common rotation is helpful as it ensures all participants get their chance.

Remember to ash the joint before passing it on.

Group of friends playing video games at apartment. how to smoke a joint with friends.

8. Don’t hog the weed – It is called puff puff pass for a reason. Don’t babysit the joint. Others may be agitated watching the pot burn away before someone reminds you to pass.

9. Don’t wet the joint – Nobody likes a soggy joint. It is gross and also causes the joint to break down. Place the joint on your lips and not all the way into your mouth to avoid getting it wet with saliva.

10. Don’t exhale on anybody’s face – Although the smell of pot is pleasing to some, nobody likes getting a cloud to the face. Always try to exhale slightly upwards or downwards.

friends smoking weed on the river bank in canada

Can You Smoke Half A Joint And Save the Rest?

Just like dinner, you should only take what you need, and save the rest for later. Some joints are enormous, or the marijuana may be more potent than expected.

Ensure that you completely put it out and store it in a dry place to preserve its quality and structural integrity. Some people also save roaches, and when they are enough, they roll a generational joint. 

half a joint in a mans hand

How Long Does It Take To Smoke A Joint?

This depends on several factors. Are you smoking alone? The blunt size, how many hits you take, and how deep you draw will all determine how long it will take to smoke a joint.

If you are preparing for a group session, the number of participants will determine the time taken to finish one blunt.

Smoking a joint inside in canada

How Much Is An 8th Of Weed?

How much an eighth of weed costs depends on several factors, including the strain, the bud’s quality, and where you get it from.

Top shelf strains usually command the highest prices and are more expensive. For fair pricing, check out Canada’s most trusted online cannabis dispensary BC Bud Supply.

For example, an eighth of this high-quality hybrid Cotton Candy goes for $35 on the BC Bud Supply website while an eighth of the most popular indica – Blackberry Kush goes for $30.

how much is an 8th of weed

How To Smoke A Joint – Take Away

Learning how to smoke a joint properly is one of the most important things in your life as a stoner. 

Observing the etiquette of smoking in a group means you will fit in most stoner sessions, which is where most potheads are at their happiest.

Remember to respect others’ limits, and to contribute something to the group. Don’t just hit for free. Bring some munchies or beer if someone else gets the weed and always respect the house rules.