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A Complete Guide to Hash

a beginners complete guide to hash 1

The cannabis concentrates market has become quite complex in recent years. However, for most of human history, hashish was the only concentrate available to cannabis users. Created centuries ago in India, hashish is the oldest marijuana concentrate known to humanity.

A Quick Hash History Lesson

Nobody knows exactly when hash was invented, but most believe it’s an outgrowth of an earlier concentrate called “charas”. Most popular in India, charas are ball-shaped bundles of sticky resin taken from live cannabis plants. Traditionally, farmers would rub cannabis buds on their hands and shake off the trichomes to make these primitive—but oh-so potent—concentrates.

Around the 10th century AD, hashish started to appear in both India and the Middle East. Hashish is believed to be an Arabic word that loosely translates to dried herb or grass. Like charas, hashish is a collection of cannabinoid-rich trichomes that have been separated from the cannabis plant. One significant difference between hashish and charas is that the former only uses dried cannabis.

Another distinction between hash and charas is how they are made. There are a few ways to make hashish, but traditional dry sift techniques involve placing flowers over a fine-mesh screen and rubbing them to release the delicate trichomes. It’s also increasingly common to place dry ice with cannabis in a mesh bag and shake the trichomes off.

Once extractors have their powdery trichomes (a.k.a. kief), they usually place them in a heated press to create a block of hash. However, some countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan use extra ingredients like tea and even goat skin, while rolling their hashish.

a beginners complete guide to hash 2

What’s The Difference Between Dry Sifted and Bubble Hash?

When most people talk about hashish, they’re referring to blocks of dry-sifted hash made in countries like Morocco or Afghanistan. However, there’s a slightly different variety called “bubble hash” that has been gaining a lot of attention.

The critical difference between bubble hash and dry-sifted hash is how they are prepared. Bubble hash extractors first place frozen cannabis buds in a tub of cold water. This water container also has fine-mesh bags (a.k.a. bubble bags) that help filter out plant materials. After shaking these bags for a while, extractors carefully remove the accumulated resin and let it dry.

So why would someone choose bubble hash over dry-sifted hash? Well, since extractors don’t use heat to make bubble hash, there’s less risk the terpenes will get damaged. This may contribute to bubble hash’s intense flavour profile. Also some tokers prefer bubble hash’s looser consistency compared with solid-brick hashish.

On the downside, since bubble hash is so labour intensive, it tends to be more expensive than dry-sifted hashish.

Hopefully, as more people demand this product at their dispensaries, manufacturers will develop novel ways to create cost-effective bubble hash.

The Unique Benefits of Hash

In the pot smoking world, hash can be a slightly polarizing product. While some people love this concentrate’s aromatics and potency, others aren’t crazy about its flavour or consistency. Whether or not you’ll love your hash depends on your taste and potency preferences.

Since hash has such a unique flavour, it isn’t easy to describe. Also because each hash variety could come from a different cultivar, not every product has the same terpene profile. However since hashish doesn’t have extraneous plant materials, you could expect a cleaner flavour experience versus dried buds. A few words people use to describe hash’s flavour include earthy, pine, and skunky.

What we can say with confidence is that hash offers a more potent smoking experience versus cannabis flowers. Indeed, for many years, hashish was the only way tokers could experience THC percentages above the 30 percent threshold. Although there are many cannabis concentrates with higher THC levels nowadays, hashish still packs a punch. Anyone who wants to feel the full force of cannabis in a few seconds won’t be disappointed with hashish.

Lastly, some customers love hash for its relatively affordable price. Since you don’t need a ton of hashish to have a rich smoking experience, some tokers argue it’s an economical option. If you keep your block of hash stored in a cool, dark space, you should be able to enjoy it for at least a year.

a beginners complete guide to hash 3

What’s The Best Way To Smoke Hash?

Most tokers who purchase hashish are only interested in smoking it. Whether you prefer using a bubbler, glass pipe, or dabbing rig, you can add a little hash to your device. Just be forewarned: it can be tricky to get some varieties of hash to burn without the right setup. This is especially the case if you’re interested in dabbing hash.

Some smokers recommend adding a little cannabis flower to your hash to help the flame catch. Alternatively, you could make DIY rosin by pressing your hash with a hair straightener between two pieces of parchment paper. Be sure to ask a budtender for further smoking suggestions if it’s your first time using hash.

It’s also possible to add a few crumbles of hash to your dried flower in a joint, spliff, or vaporizer. Indeed, many people enjoy sprinkling a bit of hash in-between ground flowers before lighting their buds. Just a smattering of hash is enough to take your typical joint session to a “higher” level.

If you’d like to smoke hashish the old-fashioned way, you could look into the metal knife method. In a nutshell, this technique involves heating two metal knives on a stovetop and placing your hash in between them. When the smoke comes off of your hash, you quickly breathe it in. If you’re going to try this method at home, please be sure to practice fire safety.

What Does A Hash High Feel Like?

Like other cannabis concentrates, hash hits harder than dried cannabis flowers. After just one or two tokes, you should feel a potent high sensation that could last for a few hours. Since hash is powerful, it’s best-suited for customers with some smoking experience.

The type of high you’ll feel mainly depends on the strain used to make your hashish. Hash made with indica strains will lean on the sedating side, while sativa hash should offer an energizing, euphoric experience.

To get a preview of your hash’s effects, you should review the cultivar used in your product. If it’s your first time using hash, it’s a good idea to smoke it late in the day when you’ve completed all of your daily chores. Try one toke of hash and wait about 15 minutes to gauge its effects.

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How Does Hash Compare With Other Cannabis Concentrates?

Determining the best cannabis concentrate is a matter of personal preference. While many people enjoy using hashish, you may find other concentrates work better for you. It’s best to review the many concentrates now available to discover which one meets your expectations.

One of the pros of hash is that it’s a solventless concentrate. This means you don’t have to worry about solvent residue getting into your final product. Many health-conscious customers appreciate the fact that dry-sift hashish is made with good old elbow grease and heat.

On the flip side, most concentrates made with solvents have a higher total cannabinoid percentage. For instance, THC diamonds have an almost 100 percent THC concentration.

Choosing your ideal cannabis concentrate depends on your preferred potency, flavour profile, and consistency. We’d encourage you to browse BC Bud Supply’s entire concentrate portfolio to find what product works best for you.

How Should You Store Hash?

Like other cannabis concentrates, it’s best to store hash in a dark, cool area to preserve its freshness. You could also wrap your hash in a paper or plastic bag and place it inside a sealed mason jar. This extra step will slow the rate of oxidation, and hence prevent degradation.

As long as you follow these storage tips, your hash should last years before noticing a dip in quality. Just be sure to examine your hash for warning signs like mold before using it.

a beginners complete guide to hash 4

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