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A Complete Guide to Budder

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For many cannasseurs, budder has all of the benefits of other cannabis concentrates without many of their downsides. Whether you’re new to concentrates or a decades-long dabber, there’s a good chance you’ll fall in love with budder.

Explaining The Budder Breakthrough — What Is Budder Concentrate? 

Budder is one of a few cannabis concentrates in the wax family.

Typically budder extractors use a solvent like butane to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from cured cannabis buds. Once this extract begins to harden, manufacturers have to whip it at high speeds to create its signature smooth texture. 

Indeed the one feature that makes budder stand out is its butter-like consistency. Even in the wax family, budder is said to have the ideal balance of solidity and softness. Users should have no issue scooping up a tiny bit of budder and using it for dabbing or vaping. 

In case you were wondering, the other concentrates in the wax family are honeycomb and crumble. Of the two, honeycomb leans on the harder, shatter-like end of the spectrum. Crumble, however, has a looser and dryer texture that’s similar to blue cheese. While both of these concentrates aren’t as smooth as budder, they have many similar attributes. 

How Do People Use Budder? 

As with other concentrates, most cannabis users enjoy dabbing or vaping budder. However, it’s also possible to add budder to ground flowers as a potency enhancer. 

If you want the ultimate flavour-forward experience, you should use a concentrate-friendly vaporizer with temperature settings. Alternatively, you could look into a hi-tech e-rig that allows you to set your ideal dabbing temp. These tools may cost extra, but they will give you complete control over your budder session. 

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The Benefits of Budder

The main selling point for budder is its flavour, consistency and ease of use. Only budder hits that ideal Goldilocks zone of being neither too gooey nor too solid. This makes budder one of the easiest concentrates to measure, store, and use. When loading budder into your dabbing rig, there’s no need to fear making a mess with soupy oils or breaking off brittle pieces of shatter. 

But it’s not just budder’s texture that has got cannabis fans talking. Like other products in the wax category, budder is incredibly aromatic with a high concentration of terpenes. While budder doesn’t have the same amount of terpenes as live resin, it’s a cheaper product. This makes budder an attractive option for flavour chasers who want a high-quality experience at a reasonable price. 

All of these features make budder an excellent choice for cannabis consumers of all skill levels. The malleable texture makes budder easy to work with, and the high concentration of terpenes make it complex enough for discerning cannasseurs.

While it may not “wow” in any one feature, budder is a solid A- in all concentrate categories. And, honestly, who’s ever going to argue with a A-?

How Potent Is Budder Concentrate? 

Budder may be simple to use, but it can pack a serious punch. People who aren’t accustomed to cannabis concentrates should start with just one toke and wait at least 15 minutes. Chances are that one toke will be enough to give you a satisfying budder buzz for most beginners.

It’s not unheard of for budder’s THC concentrations to hover in the 60 – 80 percent range. Of course, the actual cannabinoid count in your product will vary depending on the extraction methods and initial strains. Please always be sure to double-check your budder’s cannabinoid consistency before making a purchase. 

How Do You Store Budder? 

The easiest way to extend your budder’s shelf-life is to place it in a high-quality airtight container. Oxygen exposure will hasten your budder’s deterioration and potentially trigger mold. Only an airtight jar will keep these significant risks at bay.

Once you’ve got your budder in an airtight container, it’s essential to place it in a cool, dark area. The only time you want your budder to “feel the heat” is when you light a sampling in your dabbing rig, bong or pipe. Prolonged exposure to hot temps and light will destroy those precious terpenes and cannabinoids. 

When properly stored, budder should maintain its maximum potency for at least a few months. You could lengthen this concentrate’s shelf-life to about one year if you place it in the fridge. 

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Is Budder the Same as Cannabutter? 

When you hear people describe budder, they’ll typically reference its “butter-like” consistency. While this description is accurate, it has led to a lot of confusion amongst new concentrate consumers. Many people assume budder and cannabutter refer to the same substance, when these two products actually belong in separate categories.

As mentioned above, budder is a high-potency concentrate that has a butter-like texture. Cannabutter, on the other hand, is made by combining cannabis with actual butter. Foodies often mix decarboxylated flowers, concentrates, or oils with butter to make this kitchen staple. Once chefs have their green stick of cannabutter, they will usually use it to make edibles, and they can add it to a few “baked” goods. 

Is Puna Budder A Different Concentrate?

By looking at its name, you may assume Puna Budder is a special kind of cannabis concentrate. Interestingly Puna Budder is actually a name for a 50/50 hybrid marijuana strain with traces of Hawaiian and Afghani landraces.

Although Puna Budder is well-known in weed circles, it’s also challenging to find. It’s not unheard of for dedicated tokers to drop serious cash to try this sweet and earthy strain. 

While chances are slim you’ll see Puna Budder at your dispensary, you should know it’s not the same as budder concentrate. 

Can You Make Budder At Home?

Since most companies use butane to make budder, it’s not wise for customers to make this concentrate at home. Even in controlled environments, butane is an incredibly volatile solvent. People who attempt to make budder at home risk extreme injury, fire, and even death. 

It doesn’t matter how much technical know-how you have; making budder is serious business. Please leave the budder making to certified lab technicians. The only DIY concentrate that’s safe to make at home is fresh-pressed rosin. 

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