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A Beginners Guide to Weed Terpenes

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Like many other herbs and flowers, cannabis has a distinctive scent. If you’re well-acquainted with the plant, you’ll know that different strains have noticeably different aromas. You might pick up notes of citrus, lavender, pine, or musky scents when you sniff your favourite strain. Terpenes are responsible for this variety of aromas and flavours, and[…]

A Complete Guide to Budder

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For many cannasseurs, budder has all of the benefits of other cannabis concentrates without many of their downsides. Whether you’re new to concentrates or a decades-long dabber, there’s a good chance you’ll fall in love with budder. Explaining The Budder Breakthrough — What Is Budder Concentrate?  Budder is one of a few cannabis concentrates in[…]

A Complete Guide to Hash

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The cannabis concentrates market has become quite complex in recent years. However, for most of human history, hashish was the only concentrate available to cannabis users. Created centuries ago in India, hashish is the oldest marijuana concentrate known to humanity. A Quick Hash History Lesson Nobody knows exactly when hash was invented, but most believe[…]

CBD: What’s the Difference Between Isolate and Full Spectrum?

cbd oil isolate vs full spectrum

When discussing CBD, it is often mentioned whether it is isolate or full spectrum. There is frequently some confusion about what those terms mean. Is there a significant difference between the two and is one better for you than the other? CBD isolate is what it sounds like: a chemical component derived from cannabis plants,[…]

Will Smoking One Joint Show Up In A Drug Test? How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your System?

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How Many Joints Will Make Me Fail A Drug Test? Many occasional pot smokers live in fear of failing drug tests. Because there are many factors in play, drug tests can be hard to predict, especially if you might be exposed to marijuana.  But will smoking one joint show up in a drug test? Marijuana[…]

Top 5 Indica Strains To Buy Online In Canada

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Top Indica Strains You Can Buy Online In Canada When browsing cannabis at a dispensary or online store, you may notice that they are usually categorized into three groups – sativa, hybrid, and indica.  But before we get into the sativa versus indica strains debate, let’s go through the best indica strains and see what[…]