Will Smoking One Joint Show Up In A Drug Test? How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your System?

How Many Joints Will Make Me Fail A Drug Test? Many occasional pot smokers live in fear of failing drug tests. Because there are many factors in play, drug tests can be hard to predict, especially if you might be exposed to marijuana.  But will smoking one joint show up in a drug test? Marijuana […]

What Are Terpenes In Weed and What Is Their Importance?

Agronomist examining industrial hemp plant flower. buy weed online in canada

Do Terpenes In Weed Play Any Role? Smelling and enjoying the aromas and flavours of the cannabis plant is an integral part of enjoying the whole marijuana experience.   Recent research suggests that the terpenes responsible for these fragrances may have more to do with the high you get than we initially thought.  So what are […]

Is It Legal to Buy Edibles Online in Canada?

Nowadays we can shop for anything online – from shoes to vintage collectors’ items, to brides. Since the legalization of marijuana was so recent, it’s natural for a toker to ask, ‘is it legal to buy edibles online in Canada?’ As a leader in the mail-order marijuana industry, we’re here to tell you: yes. Most […]