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Cannabis Conecntrates

Cannabis concentrates, extracts and oils offer many unique benefits that you won’t find in smoking flower. Apart from being easy, precise dosing to clean and refined flavors, concentrates focus on the ingredients in cannabis that matter most. There are a few common types of cannabis concentrates that people typically indulge in.

  • Tinctures - Ingested orally, cannabis-infused liquid dropped under the tongue. This usually takes 20-30 minutes to take effect.
  • Capsules - Also ingested orally. Capsules filled with cannabis-infused oil. Can take up to 2 hours to take full effect. Start with a low dose (5mg) and increase if needed.
  • Vaporizer Cartridges - Oil filled cartridges that attach to a battery , similar to an e-cigarette. Take a puff and wait a few minutes for the full effects to settle in.
  • Hash - You can vaporize, dab, or smoke hash. A pressed concentration of the plant’s sticky glands. Can be vaporized or smoked for potent, fast-acting effects.
  • Shatter, Wax, Dababble Oils - Ingested orally, am oil refined by a solvent like butane or C02. these are high in THC, fast-acting, and potent.