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Where To Buy Marijuana Edibles Online In Canada

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How To Buy Marijuana Edibles Online In Canada

Are you looking to buy marijuana edibles online, in Canada, in the near future?

If you would like to enjoy the sensational effects of THC or CBD in the form of tasty treats such as marijuana gummies, chocolates, brownies, etc. then you may be wondering where can I buy marijuana edibles online? Is it even legal to buy marijuana edibles online in Canada?

In our previous article, we explained that following the passing of the Cannabis ACT (Bill C-45) in 2018, recreational cannabis is legal in Canada.

Yes, you are now within your rights to buy the various forms of marijuana – flowers, vapes, edibles, and all! Including the ability to buy marijuana edibles online!

However, being a relatively new industry, the cannabis sector still lacks a clear regulatory framework. 

This means that poor-quality and even potentially harmful weed products can find their way into the market.

So how do you separate the wheat from the chaff?

In this article, not only will we give you tips on how to buy the best THC and CBD edibles online in Canada, but we will also mention some of the best products that we carry.

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Marijuana Edibles – Can You Eat Weed?

Simple answer, yes, you can eat weed. Research shows that the use of weed-infused drinks and food dates as far back as 1000 B.C.

Edibles are food items made with marijuana concentrates or flowers.

So, in other words, instead of vaping or smoking weed, you can add it to your favourite treat. 

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How Marijuana Edibles Work

After you consume a cannabis edible, the cannabinoids present, e.g. CBD or THC, gets into the bloodstream via the digestive system and undergoes an initial metabolic pass in your liver before joining the general circulation.

This process may take anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour. This is the reason why the effects experienced after consuming edibles may take longer to kick in than the other popular CBD and THC delivery options, such as weed joints, vapes and tinctures that deliver CBD directly into the bloodstream.

However, this also means that you will experience the effects of weed edibles for longer since the cannabinoids will take longer before they can fully exit your bloodstream.

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What Happens If You Eat Raw Weed?

Not sure if you have noticed this, but if you pick a raw marijuana bud and eat it, nothing will happen (read: you won’t experience any effects) 

In the raw cannabis plant, CBD and THC are in their inactive forms, i.e., CBDA and THCA respectfully.

The human body can’t convert THCA to THC, and that’s why you can’t experience any high effects off a raw marijuana bud.

To make marijuana edibles, these compounds are activated through a process known as decarboxylation, where the buds are exposed to heat before getting infused into any food or drink.

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Where To Buy Marijuana Edibles Online

If you’re looking for the best place to buy weed edibles online in Canada, BC Bud Supply is the place to be.

Being a leader in the mail-order marijuana industry, our top priority is to provide you with the most trusted and reliable platform to buy high-quality weed edibles online at affordable prices.

Here are some of the reasons why we stand out of the competition:

1. You Know Where We Source Our Cannabis

When looking for the best form of cannabis, the first thing you should consider is how the company sources their raw products.

Remember that different countries regulate the cultivation, processing, and packaging of cannabis products differently.

Some countries have less stringent measures than others.

Unlike most other companies that source their cannabis from anywhere in the world, at BC Bud Supply, we only deal with experienced local growers in British Columbia.

This ensures that we are getting only the best, pesticide-free, and organically grown marijuana buds.

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2. Our Team Is Composed Of Cannabis Industry Veterans

You want to deal with people who know what they are doing, right?

Our team is comprised of cannabis industry veterans who use their supply networks, experiences, and skill sets to create the most reputable mail order marijuana dispensary in Canada.

This way, you can order your weed edibles, knowing that the products will get delivered promptly and discreetly. 

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3. We Offer Several Payment Options

We offer several payment options so that you can place your order and check out using the most convenient method for you – credit cards, Interac e-transfer, and even Bitcoins.

For those who don’t know, Interac e-Transfer, also known as an Email Money Transfer, is a retail banking service that allows you to send and receive money using your email and online banking.

On the other hand, Bitcoins is a decentralized, digital currency that is sent over the internet.

Bitcoin does not rely on a middle man, such as a credit card processor, bank, or government.

This payment method ensures full privacy since it is anonymous and highly secure.

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4. You Will Love The Packaging

No one will know that you have just received weed edibles unless, of course, you want to invite your friends over for a steamy, weed baking session. 

We package all our products in a discrete, smell-proof, mylar bag, which is heat and vacuum sealed. 

We then ship the product in a plain, unmarked box for added protection and privacy.

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5. You Don’t Need A Medical Marijuana Card

All we need from you is some basic information such as your name, delivery address, age verification, etc.

So, yes, you can still place your order with us even if you don’t have a medical marijuana card. Remember, both medical and recreational marijuana is legal in Canada.

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Two of the Best Weed Edibles That You Can Order Online

Here are two of the best marijuana edibles that you can get at our online store:

1. Mystic Medibles – 3 Pack Gummies Mix And Match

For only $55.00, you get to choose up to 3 Mystic Medibles Gummies packs, with each pack containing six gummies that delivers up to 30mg of THC each.

Here are the Mystic Medibles Gummy mix and match bundles that we carry:

  • Mystic Medibles Gummy 3 Pack
  • Mystic Medibles Gummy 4 Pack
  • Mystic Medibles Gummy 5 Pack
  • Mystic Medibles Gummy 6 Pack

Choose what you like even if it means picking the same gummy more than once.

If you are using edibles for the first time, we recommend that you start by taking between one third to half of a gummy, allowing for up to one and a half hours before consuming more.

This will give you a chance to experiment and know how your body reacts to THC.

NB – Cannabinoids affect people differently depending on several factors, including sex, age, metabolism rate, etc.

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2. Notorious THC – 3 Pack Cannabis Infused Gummies Mix And Match

Imagine getting 3 packs of Notorious THC Cannabis Infused Gummies for $54.00?

Like all our other edibles, this product is gluten-free, made using all-natural organic ingredients. 

Each pack has seven gummies, each delivering 25mg of THC, so a total of 175mg THC per package.

Check it out here and select your three packs. 

For more weed edibles selections, including chocolates and baked goods,  check our online store.


Where To Buy Marijuana Edibles Online

When looking for the best mail order marijuana company for online orders, make sure to consider factors such as the source of raw ingredients, extraction methods, certificates of analysis, packaging techniques, as well as the level of security and privacy during transport and delivery.

If you have any questions regarding weed edibles, how to order cannabis products in Canada, or anything cannabis, feel free to get in contact with us today.