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5 Best Places to Celebrate 420 in BC

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The month of April means showers, flowers, and of course 420. This is a day to light up with your fellow pot community to celebrate all things weed. Although the date to legalize recreational marijuana could be delayed beyond July 1st, the use of recreational cannabis is about to undergo some major changes in 2018, and that’s reason to celebrate. So blaze, toke and spark your heart out – check out our list of top places to celebrate 420 in BC.

But first a little legislative overview. Pot smokers are awaiting the results of Bill C-45 to find out when the new cannabis laws will take effect. The new legislation means Canadians will be able to buy cannabis from provincially regulated retailers in stores or online. At the start of legalization, cannabis will only be available in a few forms. This includes fresh and dried forms of the plant as well as cannabis oil and seeds for cultivation. Canadians of the legal age limit will be allowed to have up to 30 grams of pot on them. They can also grow up to four cannabis plants at home. Edibles will not be offered in retail stores at first, but can be made and enjoyed at home.

So what will all these new rules mean for 420 in Canada? You can expect bigger and better events for cannabis supporters to unite. This will also be the first 420 celebration in Canada preceding new cannabis business opportunities. Events taking place on 4/20 will be great opportunities for budding entrepreneurs to learn more about the mystical and prosperous future of cannabis.

Opportunities for Budding Entrepreneurs

Below is a list of the top five places to celebrate 420 in and around BC. From weed marches and farmers’ markets to concerts and conferences, we’ve got you covered for all your 420 festivities.

1. Vancouver 420 Protest and Farmer’s Market at Sunset Beach

This year Vancouver will hold its world-famous 24th Annual Marijuana Festival at Sunset Beach. This is one of the biggest events in Canada put on by cannabis activists Marc Emery and Dana Larsen (though the event may be moved to the PNE). The festival is estimated to bring in 100,000 attendees to protest the war on cannabis. Although legalization is within reach, the event is still positioned as a protest. Organizers say this will continue until the kind of legalization protesters want is achieved. The festival is described as a unique combination of the world’s largest cannabis farmers’ market, coupled with protest and celebration. There will be tons of vendors selling edibles, clothing, jewellery, extracts, plants and other weed paraphernalia to peruse.

420 Sunset Beach


2. Vancouver 4/20 Classic at the Vancouver Art Gallery

Avoid the crowds at Sunset Beach and head over to Robson Square for “Vancouver 4/20 Classic”. This popular event has been going on for decades with activist speeches, giveaways, live music, and farmers market.  There is also a “bake walk” where attendees will march around the gallery after smoking up.

420 smoker girl in BC

3. National Cannabis Conference in Victoria

This is your one-stop shop for learning about the future of Cannabis. There will be talks from industry experts, exhibitors and government officials to talk about the legalization of cannabis in Canada. The two-day agenda covers topics like the BC dispensary model, investing in Cannabis stocks, transitioning from the grey market, and other topics in the emerging world of cannabis legalization. The conference offers different one and two-day tickets and passes plus a party on Friday April 20th. Get your geek on and learn all about the fascinating future of marijuana in business.

420 Cannabis Plant

4. 4/20 Music and Arts Festival in Calgary

Okay, we know Calgary is outside of BC, but this festival sounded too dope to leave out. So if you’re looking to take a trip to Cowtown, we recommend hitting the 420 Music and Arts Festival. If you’re heavy into rock ‘n’ roll, electronic or metal music, this trip may be worth the trek. It’s a three-day music festival for 420 goers put on by Big Rock Brewery and Metal Heads United. Get your fix of cannabis culture and music. Wander the rows of artwork and be mesmerized by the work of local artists, designers, artisans, and craftsmen alike. There will also be a wonderland of Alberta’s finest food trucks to feed your munchie cravings.  As if this wasn’t enough, get ready for a nightly beard contest where you can show off your facial hair proudly.

420 Calgary festival

5. Avoid the Crowds and have your own 420 Pow Wow

Maybe big crowds and heavy music aren’t your thing but you still want to fly high and celebrate 420 in your own peaceful setting. If that’s the case, we suggest grabbing a blanket and speakers and hitting up one of Vancouver’s many beautiful parks. The Vancouver park board voted to ban 4/20 rallies in the park, however, this just means parks will be all the more peaceful to marvel in the wonders of nature. Or maybe you’re just looking to chill at home and hang out with friends. You can have cannabis delivered right to your door with services like BC Bud Supply.

From farmer’s markets and protests to conferences and music festivals, there is a 420 event for any cannabis lover living in BC.