Train Wreck (AAAA)

Train Wreck (AAAA)


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  • Sweet citrus and pine aroma with a spicy, earthy taste
  • Large, spear-shaped resin-covered dense buds of green with whispy brown pistils
  • Euphoric cerebral effects with a weighty body buzz
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Trainwreck is a sativa leaning hybrid that’s ready to take you for an uplifting ride. The strain was supposedly created in the 1970s by two California brothers who had to quickly pull out their illegal weed crop of Thai, Mexican, and Afghani due to a train wreck next to their grow site, thus the name. These long, spear-like green marijuana buds are packed with resin and provide riders with a one-way ticket to creativity and relaxation with the strain’s gradual cerebral onset that chugs along smoothly until it hits your body like a freight train with a wave of sedation that helps reduce pain, stress, anxiety, and migraines. With a citrus and pine aroma that has an earthy, spicy taste, smokers of all types can board and ride this strain at any time of the day.

Strain Grade AAAA
Strain Type Hybrid
Effects Euphoria, Relaxation, Creativity
Medical Uses Anxiety, Pain, Stress, Headaches
Flavours Citrus, Pine, Earthy, Pepper

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