1 Ounce with 4 Strains (AAA) – Mix & Match – Build Your Own


1 Ounce with 4 Strains (AAA) – Mix & Match – Build Your Own

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  • Choose up to 4 different marijuana strains
  • You will get 7 grams of each strain you select for a total of 1 ounce (28 grams)
  • You can choose the same strain more than once
  • The strains are AAA grade quality

Choose your strains:

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This is for 1oz of AAA grade quality marijuana. Use the selection box above, and choose 4 strains to put into your ounce. You will get 7 grams of each strain you choose. You can choose the same strain more than one time.

Learn more about the different AAA weed strains below, and customize your ounce to your liking.

Black Nuken (AAA)

  • Heavily coated, dark green buds are round and dense, with so many purple hues that the buds often appear blackish
  • Burns exceptionally smooth with a heavy, spicy, citrus flavour 
  • The high is powerful and relaxing, yet good for daytime use with long lasting effects and minimal burnout

Blackberry Kush (AAA)

  • Earthy and diesel aromas balanced with a sweet berry scent
  • Beautifully dense, deep green and purple buds, speckled with orange hairs
  • Heavy body highs lends to its medical use

Blueberry Nuken (AAA)

  • Dark green buds with hints of yellow
  • Lemony scents and sweet, berry flavoured taste
  • Powerful smoke entices users into a deeply relaxed state

Girl Scout Cookie (AAA)

  • Earthy aromatics paired with a sweet, almost minty taste
  • Densely-packed buds with orange pistils weaves throughout trichome rich spears
  • Effective potency provides great medicinal use

God’s Green Crack (AAA)

  • Woody, herbal aromatics with hints of citrus, sage, and eucalyptus
  • Long, tapered spears of minty green nuggets with purple hues and orange pistils that are covered in trichomes
  • Well balanced, potent high that can be enjoyed throughout the day

Granddaddy Purple (AAA)

  • Grape and berry taste with a pine aroma
  • Deep purple buds with white trichomes and orange hairs
  • Strong body high that's great for medicinal use

Grape Ape (AAA)

  • A pungent aroma of candy-like grape and skunky musk
  • Large, dense buds in shades of green, purple, and red with tightly-curled leaves and deep orange pistils, and covered in frosty trichomes
  • Effective potent body high that builds slowly and leaves your head and limbs in a warm bliss

Grapefruit Haze (AAA)

  • A spicy, diesel aroma that is balanced by a sweet, citrus and grapefruit taste
  • Dense, green, conical buds with deep orange pistils are covered in sticky trichomes
  • Strong cerebral high that will keep you smiling throughout the day

Grease Monkey (AAA)

  • Sweet, earthy aroma with skunky, diesel overtones and lingering creamy vanilla and florals
  • Dense, elongated buds with dark orange pistils frosted over by sticky trichomes
  • Deep relaxation and euphoric buzz that has great medicinal use

Krazy Glue (AAA)

  • Complex yet light mix of earthy, pungent aromas
  • Caked and dense light green buds covered in sticky white trichomes with orange hairs woven throughout
  • Creative head buzz that offers a comfortable body high

MK Ultra (AAA)

  • Unique aroma with hints of diesel and lemon are countered by a smooth, earthy pine taste
  • Small, densely packed buds coated in sticky resin
  • Hypnotic cerebral euphoria that melts your body into sedative bliss

Moby Dick (AAA)

  • Sweet citrus aroma with undertones of vanilla and eucalyptus
  • Thick, dense buds in shades of green are speckled with dark orange pistils
  • Induces a creative and highly energetic euphoria that leads into a relaxed state

Nuken (AAA)

  • Unique earthy aroma and sweet herbal flavour
  • Dense and sticky buds with an impressive deep green and orange colour
  • Well-rounded but potent high with mood-enhancing and pain-relieving effects

Pink Kush (AAA)

  • Sweet candy-like aroma of vanilla, berries and floral with undertones of earthy kush  
  • Densely packed buds covered in light brown pistils that shimmer with glistening trichomes
  • Euphoric relaxation makes for effective medicinal use

Purple Passion (AAA)

  • Fruity, candy flavour with a spicy, herbal scent
  • Buds are sticky green with dark purple
  • Indica-dominant strain good for both day and night usage

Rockstar (AAA)

  • Earthy skunk aroma with sweet grape
  • Medium green spears that are densely packed, woven with orange hairs and covered in frosty trichomes
  • Balanced high that is popular for its medicinal use

Sensi Star (AAA)

  • Dark green and purple buds are absolutely caked with thick crystals
  • Pungent, skunky scent and earthy aftertaste are unmistakably indica
  • Powerful, full-body high is great for treatment of pain, insomnia, stress and depression

Snow Lotus (AAA)

  • Small buds are covered in icy-white crystal
  • Complex nose of earthy skunk and diesel makes it favourite in taste among cannabis connoisseurs
  • Paranoia-free high that is mellow and calming, perfect for medical users who struggle with cannabis-induced paranoia

Strawberry Cough (AAA)

  • Fresh, strawberry aroma with a skunky, berry flavour profile
  • Dense, conical-shaped buds covered in red pistils and cloudy trichomes
  • Energetic and creative cerebral high to help relieve stress and anxiety

Triple Platinum Kush (AAA)

  • Pungent, earthy aroma with succulent sweet fruity undertones
  • Dense nuggets in shades of green with interspersed orange hairs that are coated with shimmering, sticky trichomes
  • Balanced head and body high that is both psychedelic and relaxing all while easing stress and pain

Zombie OG (AAA)

  • Complex aroma of earth and pine supported by light lavender
  • Small but dense, spade-shaped bright green buds with orange hairs and white trichomes
  • Intense body high that’s great for medicinal use

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