What is Interac e-Transfer / Email Money Transfer?

Interac e-Transfer (also known as an Email Money Transfer) is a retail banking service that allows Canadian customers to send and receive money using their email and online banking. The service is offered by all major banks in Canada including Bank of Montreal, CIBC, HSBC, Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank, and TD Bank. To learn more about this service click here.

Steps to Using Interac e-Transfer

1.) On the checkout page, select Email Money Transfer as your payment option.

2.) After placing your order, you will be given your payment instructions on how to send your Interac e-Transfer. This will include:

  • The total amount to send.
  • The email address to send the payment to.
  • Your unique reference ID to put in the notes/memo. This is used to identify your order.

These instructions will also be emailed to you.

3.) Login to your online banking service or mobile banking app, and navigate to the Interac e-Transfer section. Enter in the information given to you in the instructions, and then press send.

4.) For your convenience BC Bud Supply has setup Autodeposit on our accounts, so you will not need to enter a security question and answer. Funds will be automatically deposited into our accounts once you send them. To learn more about Interac e-Transfer Autodeposit click here.

Some banks may require a security question and answer when sending e-Transfers. If so, use the security question and answer given to you in the instructions.

5.) We will begin the packaging and shipping process of your order once we receive your payment.

If you need more detailed step by step instructions, visit your banking institution’s website and go to the Interac e-Transfer section.

Interac e-Transfer is safe, secure and easy to use. The service is available to over 250 financial institutions, and provided by all the major banks in Canada. Certain banks may charge a small fee (usually $1.00 to $1.50) with each transaction depending on the type of account you have.

For more detailed information about how Interac e-Transfer works with your specific bank, select it below.

td bank