BC Bud Supply Accepts Bitcoins

We are big supporters of Bitcoins here at BC Bud Supply. From the launch of our business, we have been giving our customers the option to buy weed online using Bitcoins. We believe in the power of decentralized currencies, and we want to provide our customers with choice when it comes to their forms of payment.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoins is a decentralized, digital currency that is sent over the internet. Unlike traditional forms of payment, Bitcoin does not rely on any middle man such as a bank, credit card processor, or government. It is anonymous, highly secure, and does not require anyone’s permission to use. BC Bud Supply believes that Bitcoins, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology will play a big part in the future of payment processing, as well as enable a host of other innovations that are yet to come.

How Do I Get Bitcoins in Canada?

There are many ways to acquire Bitcoins as a Canadian, and below are a few avenues that we recommend.


Shakepay is the easiest and fastest way to acquire Bitcoins in Canada. You can quickly sign up for an account, deposit Canadian dollars through Interac e-Transfer, and have your money on the exchange in minutes, which you can then use to purchase Bitcoins or Ethereum.



Coinsquare is currently the largest Canadian Bitcoin exchange. They require you to submit a government ID for verification, and deposits can take a few days, so you’ll need to wait a little bit before you before you can start trading after you setup your account. If you’re looking to buy and sell larger amounts of Bitcoins, we recommend you open an account with Coinsquare.



Local Bitcoins connects you directly with Bitcoin sellers. Prices can be slightly higher here, but it can be the most private option and offers the most methods for payment. Some of the payment options include cash deposit into a bank account, Interac e-Transfer, Moneygram, PayPal, prepaid Vanilla Mastercards, and Western Union.



Steps to Paying with Bitcoins

1.) On the checkout page, you will be given several options for your payment method including credit card, Interac eTransfer and Bitcoins. Select Bitcoins as your payment method. 

2.) You will then be taken to the Bitcoin payment page. The page will show you the amount of Bitcoins you need to send, and the Bitcoin address you will be sending it to. You will have 2 hours to send your coins to this address. Keep this page open for the time being, and open up your Bitcoin wallet.

3.) Press the ‘send’ button inside your Bitcoin wallet, and copy and paste the amount of Bitcoins and Bitcoin address from the page in the previous step. Hit send when you are ready. 

4.) We require 2 network confirmations for the payment to complete. Once the payment is complete, you will receive a confirmation email from us to let you know.

5.) Your order will be shipped out the following business day, and you will receive your tracking number in your email once it ships.


More Resources

Here are some further resources if you would like to know learn more about Bitcoins.

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Blockgeek’s Guide on Understanding and Using Wallets

Shakepay’s Guide to Securing Accounts

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