Notorious THC – Super Skunk Live Resin

Notorious THC – Super Skunk Live Resin


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  • Sativa
  • 80-90% THC 
  • 1 gram
  • Comes in a resealable glass jar
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What is Live Resin?

Live resin is a high terpenes weed extract made using fresh cannabis plants that are immediately frozen after harvest instead of dried cured cannabis. Fresh cannabis plants contain much more of the terpenes that would usually be lost during traditional drying and curing. Terpenes are natural plant compounds that give marijuana its many different aromas and flavours. This is why live resin has a much deeper flavour profile than other concentrates. Terpenes also have many therapeutic benefits as well, and they can alter or enhance the effects of primary cannabinoids like CBD and THC, which gives live resin users a much more complex and elevated psychoactive experience. Live resin can be very potent with THC profiles as high as 80-90%.

Notorious THC

Based in British Columbia, Notorious THC are producers of some of the best weed extracts on the market. They have created a wide range of extract products including edibles, THC and CBD oil tinctures, live resin, high terpene full spectrum extracts, THC diamonds, and vapes, which can all be found here at BC Bud Supply.

Notorious THC Live Resin

The full line up of Notorious THC Live Resins include:

Notorious THC uses organic, naturally grown, high grade cannabis plants to make their live resin extracts to ensure that you get a clean, potent and invigorating end product. You will 1 gram of live resin stored in an airtight resealable glass jar, and it will ship to you in it’s original box packaging.

Manufacturer Notorious THC
Concentrate Type Live Resin
Strain Super Skunk
Strain Type Sativa
THC Profile 80-90%
Weight 1 gram
Dimensions 3.5 cm x 3 cm x 3.5 cm
Origin British Columbia, Canada

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