Rockstar (AAA)

Rockstar (AAA)


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  • Earthy skunk aroma with sweet grape
  • Medium green spears that are densely packed, woven with orange hairs and covered in frosty trichomes
  • Balanced high that is popular for its medicinal use
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Rockstar is a potent, indica-dominant marijuana hybrid that was bred by the famed breeders Bonguru Beans. Crossed between Rockbud, and Sensi Star, the strain carries a spicy, earthy aromatic profile with hints of citrus and grape reminiscent of mulled wine. Rockstar is hard hitting from the get-go with an uplifting, cerebral head rush. As the high continues, users can expect an uptick in creativity and focus, while the body melts into a relaxation that can soothe muscle spasms and inflammation. These medium-sized, densely packed olive coloured buds, offer a strong effect, but without any debilitating sedation, making it a great choice for both medicinal and recreational users.

Strain Grade AAA
Strain Type Hybrid
Effects Relaxation, Creativity, Focus
Medical Uses Pain, Insomnia, Depression
Flavours Earthy, Spice, Citrus, Grape

Customer Reviews

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This one is a shocker but in a good way. I'd really like to order more.


Really awesome strain, got me hella chill and mellow 👌

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